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The Madrasa Application

Students Mahmud Yassin, Raja Iasha, Lina Masur, and Wydad Bolus developed a unique application that teaches Arabic as part of the Madrasa social-community-technological initiative to teach spoken Arabic to everyone, free of charge. The application features a voice recognition component that can help tens of thousands of students who register for these online courses practice their Arabic pronunciation.
This project was developed as part of a course given by Prof. Alex Bronstein that involves the development of an industrial project. This course will focus on collaboration with the industry, and will facilitate collaborations with social NGOs as well in the future.

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The students worked together to develop an efficient platform for use of bots to hold conversations with Madrasa users. The bot is a voice recognition component that was designed to hold conversations in spoken Arabic and teach new students to pronounce words correctly and discuss topics that interest them in Arabic. The conversations were prepared by Madrasa’s pedagogical team, and the students developed an editor to tailor the level and content of the conversation to the student, based on the knowledge accumulated so far in the online course.