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Social Initiatives in Computer Science – Respect Along the Way

Students from the Taub Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion, the social hub at the Technion, and the Lev Chash Association, worked together on a social initiative called Respect Along the Way, to make sure no elderly person in Haifa is alone.

Students Sahar Goldman, Nili Forman, and Yonatan Gershon worked with their supervisor, Sahar Cohen, to develop the GoldenAuthority application for municipal inspectors to visit elderly people living alone along their regular patrol routes. The project was developed as part of the Interdisciplinary Center for Smart Technologies (ICST) program and was led by ICST Director Itai Dabran.

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The application makes registration and reporting quick and easy, and helps the program directors keep track of the people involved.
The app was developed to help volunteers and coordinators in the program by making the tools and information easily accessible and offering a convenient platform for operating the program.

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Hadar on the Rise

A group of students from the Taub Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion developed a new application that connects residents of the Hadar neighborhood in Haifa, and matches up volunteers with people in need of assistance.

The application is a significant upgrade of the very basic Hadar social media platform that was developed during the Second Lebanon War, when Haifa was under attack and many of its residents felt disconnected, isolated, and unable to perform routine activities like errands and shopping.

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The new application streamlines the connections made between people and helps monitor interactions to provide assistance as quickly as possible to those in need, whether it is a man who needs dental treatment, an elderly woman who needs help shopping, a child who needs a computer for his online classes, and more.
The project was developed and run by Hanin Jarais, Hussein Abu Jabal, Sami Hamud, and Haytam Kablan, and directed by Elazar Gershoni. It was developed at the ICST at the Taub Faculty of Computer Science and in conjunction with the Technion social hub.