Social Initiatives

Social Excellence Award

פרס הצטיינות חברתית

During an era of social gaps and polarization, it is important to our faculty to encourage initiatives that can benefit society and the community. The Faculty of Computer Science in conjunction with the Technion’s social hub decided to grant an award of social excellence and outstanding volunteer work to students from the faculty.

The SHE S Community for Female Students at the Faculty of Computer Science

קהילת הסטודנטיות של הפקולטה למדעי המחשב SHE S

SHE S is a community of female students at the Faculty of Computer Science that was established by a group of women who are active in the student council. Their goal was to create a community of women in the faculty who could support one another. The community meets several times during the semester to discuss inspiration, careers, and technology, and to enjoy each other’s company.

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CS Hackathon – Doing Good

CS Hackathon - Doing Goodline

The annual CS Hackathon–Doing Good is devoted to social responsibility, and specifically to making technology accessible for people with disabilities in order to improve their quality of life. The event was attended by 120 students from all the tracks in the our faculty.
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Social Entrepreneurship Projects

ירידA fair is held each semester to present dozens of projects in diverse fields, including IoT, Android applications, software engineering, and communication.

Many of the projects presented at the fair were developed by groups led by Itai Dabran and Tom Sofer from the Interdisciplinary Center for Smart Technology (ICST) at the Faculty of Computer Science, and use technology to benefit society by developing projects with associations and public institutions.

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Hosting High School Students

אירוח תלמידי תיכוןlineEach year, the Faculty of Computer Science hosts high school students in grades 10–12 in order to evoke curiosity and expose science students to the world of computer sciences, research, and the fields taught at the faculty.

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Volunteering for the Community

פעילויות התנדבותיות למען הקהילה



A Technion-wide campaign has been launched to stop the use of disposables and to encourage recycling by distributing recycling bins and separate garbage bins throughout the campus. The Faculty of Computer Science has joined this effort and taken it a few steps forward.

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Collaborating with QueenB

שיתוף פעולה עם עמותת QweenBQueenB was founded in order to increase the number of women who choose a career in hi-tech. The Faculty of Computer Science at the Technion supports QueenB activities by allocating classrooms, hosting a group of young women who take programming classes once a week, advertising the organization’s activity, and recruiting volunteers. Many of our students volunteer to teach programming to groups of girls from the 8th and 9th grades.

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