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CS4People – Computer Science for People is a program that was designed to encourage and promote volunteering activity and social entrepreneurship for and on behalf of the community.

The program promotes social responsibility in education and research, and initiates social activities and community projects. Our goal is to inspire, grow, and bring in new partners from the Technion and elsewhere to join our program and develop new initiatives and ideas.

The Faculty of Computer Science for the People – CS4People

CS4People cannot be described with dry definitions, rigid goals, or amorphic objectives.

CS4People is the name of a multi-dimensional space for people who want to make a difference. It is a place of diverse, extensive, unique, meaningful activity that stems from social responsibility and the desire to impact the greater community with the help and support of the computer science community.

Computer science is generally perceived as a predominately mathematical/technological field that attracts people who are considered "geeks" or "nerds" and are interested in nothing but bits, numbers, code, and computer components. This is obviously based on nothing but stereotypes and folklore. At CS4People, we can offer you a glimpse into a world of social entrepreneurship – computer science for the people. We all know that computer science affects absolutely every aspect of lives, including how we manage our healthcare, do business, protect our national and personal security, build relationships, make friends, play games, travel, enjoy art and recreation, and much more.

The computer science community at the Technion includes researchers, employees, students, and graduates who understand the importance of using their work and professions to influence social agendas, encourage and enhance ties with the community, and promote equal opportunities, mutual liability, and social responsibility.

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Education and research – Enhancing knowledge and academic research on topics that can have a social impact and drive change, and developing technological solutions through academic research and projects designed to solve problems on the public agenda.
Commitment to the community – The computer science community, including employees, researchers, students, and graduates, participate in social initiatives and contribute to the community, acknowledging the public and social responsibility that academic institutions have for local communities and for all of society.
Partnerships – Our goal is to promote and leverage cooperation between universities and with other organizations. We strive to develop initiatives with conjunction with NGOs, public organizations, and companies in the industry because we believe that partnerships and collaboration are the basis for increased involvement of the academia and the community.


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  • Leveraging social entrepreneurship in our workplaces 4People
  • Enhancing and promoting social awareness, academic research, and technological projects 4People
  • Encouraging people to volunteer, initiate, and contribute 4People
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration between the academia and public and social entities 4People